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Your recipes are listed on the left. Your calendar is on the right. When one meets the other, you have a plan. Magic happens. Bellies are fed.

Your online recipe organizer

On the left side of the meal planner is a list of all of the recipes in your recipe book. You can filter and search through your recipes to simplify the list, or sort the list using any of the recipe organizing tools. Drag-and-drop the recipes from the left into your calendar on the right to create your meal plan. Rather than the messy handwritten list that you would get with pen and paper, Plan to Eat gives you easy visuals of your meal plan on a completely editable calendar. Move your meals from one day to another with a simple drag-and-drop — no eraser needed.


Weekly meal planner

Many households prefer the simplicity of planning one week of meals at a time. If that is your preference, use the Weekly view button at the top of the menu planner. You can set your calendar to start on whatever day you prefer to accommodate your grocery shopping schedule.


Monthly meal planner

Planning an entire month’s worth of meals is a great way to cut down on grocery expenses by better utilizing your freezer and leftovers. It also usually means less time in the kitchen. Plan to Eat allows you to plan an entire month of meals by viewing the current week and 6 weeks into the future. Simply click on the Month view at the top of the meal planner and begin dragging your recipes over into your calendar.


Add notes and ingredients to your meal planner

Having leftovers? Inviting friends over for dinner? Add a note to your menu planner to remind you of life’s events that effect your meal planning schedule.

You can also add an ingredient to your meal planner if you want a banana for breakfast (or anything else). Simply click on your planner, add a banana ingredient, and keep moving with your meal planning. When you print your shopping list your banana will be on it.

Streamline your meal planning with pre-saved menus

If you create a series of meals over a range of time that might be useful for another range of time, you can create a menu of those meals and save them. Drag your menu onto your planner to plan that same range of meals again. This is helpful when you need to get your meal planning for the entire week done in under 30 seconds. (Really!)


Copy, move, swap, or delete multiple items on your meal planner

Want to copy what you had 2 weeks ago to this week? No problem.

Need to switch this week’s planned menus with next week’s? You can do that.

Once you have a series of meals planned you can copy, move, swap or delete that series of meals to any other time on your menu planner by using the Edit Planner features.

Print out everything you need: your meal plan and the recipes that go with it

From the meal planner you can print a calendar of all of your planned meals as well as their corresponding recipes. With your printed detailed instructions in-hand you can equip anyone else in your household to help with the cooking.


Tell everyone what’s for dinner without saying a word

You’ve probably heard this question: “What’s for dinner?” Thankfully Plan to Eat can give you a tool to help answer that question before it is asked… again. The Plan to Eat Meal Planner can deliver your meal plan into any calendar application that supports the iCalendar format. This format is used by most popular calendar applications such as Apple’s iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and many others. In other words, you and others in your household can see your Plan to Eat meal plan on your phone, tablet, or in whatever desktop calendar software you are already using.


Adjust your meal plan to accommodate your life, directly on the meal planner

If you are having guests for dinner, or if you know that a portion of your household will be absent from a meal, you can scale that meal by adjusting the number of servings directly on the meal planner. By adjusting the number of servings your recipe will show you a scaled quantity of ingredients, and your shopping list will also be scaled.


View calories, nutritional score, and cost

By including the nutritional and cost information per serving, you can keep a running total of the amounts directly in your meal planner. This information can help you adjust your meals to accommodate your household’s nutritional needs as you are planning.


“The BEST meal planner, recipe organizer and grocery list I've seen... My smart husband has given me several to review and none hold a candle to this one!”

Karee Alexander comment on Pinterest.

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Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes, scheduled for the days you want them. It automatically makes your grocery list, organized the way you like to shop, using the recipes you’ve selected. Plan to Eat makes it easier to eat real food, prepared at home, with your family gathered around your own table.

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