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An Automated Grocery List Maker


The shopping list in Plan to Eat is automatically created based on the recipes you have planned in your meal planner. That's right — automatically! No more time or brainpower wasted with writing out lists and cross-referencing recipes with a pen and paper.

With Plan to Eat you simply plan your meals on the calendar, click over to your shopping list, select the dates on your planner that you would like to shop for, and your list is made for you. Automatically.

Sort, Group, and combine items on your shopping list

The Plan to Eat grocery list maker is smart enough to recognize and combine like items into one item on your list. By combining ingredients from different recipes you can have the shortest and cleanest list possible, which helps you make your way through the store as quickly as possible.

Organize your list by grocery stores

Most people purchase their groceries from a number of different stores. Plan to Eat allows you to add as many stores as you need on your list. It remembers which store you like to buy particular items from and places those items in that store of in the future.


Organize your list by categories

Your list can be arranged based on the aisles in your favorite store. Simply add the categories (aisles) you need and rearrange them into the order that you would like. Move a shopping list item from one category to another. Plan to Eat will remember where you put that item and place it there for you in the future.


The Staples list will remind you to get trash bags

The Staples List is the place to store items that you purchase frequently and want to remember when you are making your shopping list, but will not show up in your shopping list because they aren't ingredients in recipes. This might be things like bananas, apples, trash bags, paper towels, or shampoo. Reference your Staples List before heading off to the store to remind yourself of the additional staples you may need.


Manually add items to your grocery list

Any last minute items that aren’t on your list, because they are items that aren’t in your recipes, can be added to your grocery list manually.


Print, export, or view your list

You can access your grocery shopping list from any mobile device by visiting in your mobile browser. If you need to send your list to someone you can also export the list and email it to them. If an old-fashioned piece of paper is more your style, print your list by pressing the print button.


Restore your list

If you find yourself adding items to your list, removing others, and suddenly realize that you need to start over, you can easily restore your list to its original state at the press of a button. It’s very forgiving!


“Technology at its best - my grocery list is ready in under ten minutes thanks to Plan to Eat.”

Samantha comment on the Plan to Eat support website.

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Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes, scheduled for the days you want them. It automatically makes your grocery list, organized the way you like to shop, using the recipes you’ve selected. Plan to Eat makes it easier to eat real food, prepared at home, with your family gathered around your own table.

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