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Plan to Eat Affiliate Program Terms

By signing up for the Plan to Eat Affiliate Program, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Plan to Eat can update and change the Affiliate Program Terms from time to time without notice. Any new features will be subject to the Affiliate Program Terms. Continued use of the affiliate program after any changes will indicate your consent to such changes. You can view the most current version of the Affiliate Program Terms at: https://www.plantoeat.com/referral_program_terms

Violation of any of the terms below will result in the termination of your outstanding referral commission payments.

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password.
  • You may not use the Affiliate Program for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

Affiliate commissions and payment

Referrals will be associated with your account when:

  1. a person visits your unique affiliate link and signs up for a trial.
  2. you send a friend request email and they sign up for a trial using the unique link in the welcome email.
  3. you share a link to one of your recipes and a person visits that recipe and then signs up for a trial.
  4. a person manually picks your account as their affiliate (by searching for your email or login name) when they are signing up for subscription for the first time.

Getting Paid

You can participate in the affiliate program during your 30-Day trial period. However, you will not be paid affiliate commissions until you sign up for the program.

Commissions payments are based on 20% of the subscription fee.
For example: $1 for a $4.95/Month subscription, and $8 for a $39/Year subscription.

Your commission is calculated every time your referral makes a payment. Affiliate commissions are paid before the 15th of every month and are based on your referral's payments from the previous month. Affiliate payments are only earned if a customer makes a payment.

A PayPal account is required

Affiliate payments are paid via PayPal. We can not send checks or cash. You are required to have a PayPal account and a working email address associated with your Plan to Eat account to receive commission payments from PayPal. We recommend that you use the same email in your Plan to Eat account that you use for your PayPal account. You can also add your email that you use in Plan to Eat to your PayPal account as a second email.



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No payment information is required and your feedback is welcome.

At the end of the trial you can subscribe for $4.95/month or $39/year.

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Eat healthier food. Save time & Money. Know what‘s for dinner.

Wow, that sounds like a great gift!

I don't know where you have been my whole life. I loathe grocery shopping and your site has streamlined it so I'm done in no time at all. I am going to spread the word because you have created an affordable site that actually works.

Bill Plan to Eat Support Website

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OMG-where have you been all my life — I have been wanting to meal plan for the past two years and the task is so daunting!!! I think you just saved me a zillion hours and with 17-month old twins...that is much appreciated.

Melanie Plan to Eat Support Website

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Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I will be joining once my trial is up, as I?ve already saved huge amounts of time on meal planning.

Julia Plan to Eat Support Website

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LOVE this site! Love that I can import recipes from anywhere and plan out my menus. It helps me save money on my groceries because I am not making multiple trips to the store every week. I love the shopping list feature that automatically adds ingredients as I add recipes. The creators of this site definitely took the stress out of figuring out meal time!!!! Thank you!!!

Wendy Plan to Eat Support Website

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(I) have really appreciated how helpful it's been to be able to know all the ingredients I need for the week with the click of a button!

Elisabeth Plan to Eat Support Website

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