WelcomeWeek Two, Lesson One

This week we are diving into the Recipe Book! The Plan to Eat Cook tab is your digital recipe book, where you can gather recipes from anywhere and keep them all in one place. 

Today, we are helping you organize your recipes with custom categories and tags!

If you still need to add recipes to your account, check out last week’s video for more info on all the ways you can import recipes. 

The Recipe Book can be organized to your preferences by creating different Courses, Cuisines, Main Ingredients, and Tags. These categories can be added to your recipes once they are in your Recipe Book, or right from the import window when adding them to your account.

Organize your recipes

If you would rather read about these options, we have two help articles on adding custom categories and tags. This one is for the app, and this one is for the website.

Did you miss Saturday’s live Q&A? Not to worry! We recorded the entire call and you can watch the recording here! 
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