Welcome > Week One, Lesson One

Welcome to The Learning Series, a 5-week introduction to meal planning with Plan to Eat!

This week we are getting you started with an overview of the program and how to meal plan, so you can start playing around with the website or app!

Plan to Eat has three main sections: Cook, Plan, Shop

The Cook tab is your digital Recipe Book. The recipe book is where you gather recipes from around the web or your family cookbooks, into one place. Adding recipes to your Plan to Eat account is the first step in getting started – more on that below.

The Plan tab is the meal planning calendar. Once you have recipes saved to your Recipe Book you can add them to your Planner to create custom meal plans that fit your family’s schedule and needs!

The Shop tab is an automated shopping list. The Shopping List generates an organized list of ingredients based on the recipes and ingredients on your meal planner. The shopping list connects to a specific range of dates on your planner and creates a list of the planned recipes.

Getting Started + Adding Recipes to Your Account

Below are two videos to help you get started with Plan to Eat right away!

The first is an overview of the different sections of Plan to Eat. You will learn how to quickly import a recipe from a recipe blog, add it to your meal planner, and then generate your shopping list. If you are brand new to Plan to Eat, please watch this overview, so you can feel comfortable getting started! 

The second video shows additional ways to add recipes to your account. If you’d like to read about these options, check out our help article on adding recipes to your account.

If you’re new to Plan to Eat, we recommend importing a few recipes into your account all at once! The more recipes you start with, the easier it will be to make meal plans that fit your needs. Set a timer for 30 minutes and see how many recipes you can import with the Clipper – you’ll be surprised at how quickly they add up!

Need some recipe inspiration? You can save recipes to your account from our previous Cooking Challenges! These recipes are free for you to save and use, and also completely optional. 

Our first Live Q&A is happening Saturday, January 7th at 11 am MT! If you have questions before then, please reply to this email.