Welcome > Week Four, Lesson One

This week we are learning about the Shopping List! The Shop tab is an automated grocery list that populates from the recipes planned on your Planner. The shopping list connects to a specific range of dates on your planner and creates a list from the recipes planned on those dates. 

Today, we will show you how to manually add items to your list that don’t appear in recipes and edit ingredients on your list, so they merge effectively!

Edit Shopping List Items

Merge similar items in your Plan to Eat grocery list to declutter the list with duplicates. Items will merge as long as the title and units of measure match. If you have similar items on your list that aren’t merging, you can edit them to merge and simplify your shopping list.

Manually Add Additional Items

You can use the Plan to Eat shopping list to shop for more than just your recipe items. You can add additional items, that don’t appear in recipes, to your shopping list too. This way, you never forget to purchase toilet paper or bananas, simply because they’re not included in a recipe.

New items can be added to your list with the Add Item button. 

Plan to Eat will automatically categorize your shopping items and will recognize which store you prefer to purchase the item, based on previous shopping trips. If you would like to change this information, use the dropdowns to select a different store or category.

Please note, manually added items will remain on your shopping list, regardless of date range, until you remove them or you reset your list.

Our second Live Q&A will be this Saturday, April 2nd at 11am MT! Join us to get your questions answered in real time and a chance to win some Plan to Eat swag!