When I first made this, I wasn’t expecting to share it with all of you. It just looked like an easy, weeknight dinner that we could all eat together. I didn’t even photograph it, like I do most dishes that I’m hopeful of sharing. I only happened to snap a photo as I was putting […] . . .


My Sweetie Pie husband has this thing for Chinese sweet and sour dishes. He always gets excited when he orders them, and then is always disappointed when his plate arrives, glowing with sauce a shade of red not found in nature. So I had my eye out for a homemade, “natural” sweet and sour equivalent. […] . . .


Yesterday I noticed the first of my snowdrops poking through the leaf mulch. And then I saw a robin hopping around searching for some nesting material. It can only mean one thing. Spring is nearer than today’s snowfall would have me believe. Change is in the air, and in the kitchen. I spent some time […] . . .


When the Sweetie Pie and I were newlyweds, we would get a craving for curry. We’d head to the closest Indian restaurant, get our curry fix, and then head back home where we’d eat Pasta-Roni for the next three weeks. At that time, all curry seemed the same. Sometimes we’d get curry with peas and […] . . .


I can’t figure out to get an accent over the “e” in the title. This is not “Chicken Mohl”. This is “Chicken Mohlay”. And it is worthy of your attention. I have an old mole recipe that I made before babies. It’s quite complicated and involves roasting chiles and melting chocolate in a double boiler. […] . . .


Last summer, during our cookbook tour of Nourishing Traditions, I made this recipe which was divine. This dish made me think of the country-cousin to that recipe–a little less refined, less fussy, and more humble. Still, it was delicious. It wasn’t divine, but it was delicious. And it was easy. I made very few changes […] . . .


Whenever I’m looking for new allergen-friendly recipes, I like to search for vegan cookbooks. The recipes are guaranteed to be dairy and egg-free, and many of them will be gluten-free. It gets me a good bit of the way to a doable dish, and the rest I can usually adapt. It’s also an easy thing […] . . .


We eat out very rarely. But if it’s a special occasion, or if someone’s parents are in town and treating us all to dinner, the Sweetie Pie really likes to go to a local Chinese place. He always spends lots of time reading the menu, wavering between this dish or that one, and then–every single […] . . .


One of the first dinners I ever made for the Sweetie Pie, before we were even married, was a vegetarian lasagna. It was stuffed with zucchini and spinach and lots and lots of cheese. I no longer get to partake in the gluten-y, cheese-y yummy-ness (thanks, chronic illness!), but the rest of my family still […] . . .


This recipe made a quick and delicious weeknight dinner. It’s just a simple marinade recipe, no fancy techniques, but the combination of herbs and spices was so unique that I had to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. I think this one is going to be revisited again. I used the recipe’s […] . . .