It’s that time again, dear readers. It is time to say good-bye to my newest cookbook friend, The Art of Real Food. I’m so glad to welcome this book to my cookbook shelf, along with its companion book. I didn’t share recipes from Placer County Real Food on the blog, but I cooked from it […] . . .


With fall weather creeping in a little more every day, I decided it was time to cut the green tomatoes in the garden. I cut the smaller green tomatoes and leave the large ones hoping that they’ll ripen in the next week or two. And then, what to do with all the cut green tomatoes?? […] . . .


The weather turned cooler here last week, and the tomato plants are slowing down their production, but there is still a good-size basket of tomatoes to be gathered every few days. This delightful side dish seemed like a good use for not only the tomatoes, but also the basil (because I’ve been very lazy in […] . . .


This was a perfect dish to use up all the tomatoes and green beans from the garden. It was tasty, everyone loved it, and it came together in a jiffy. I used a little less meat and a little more veg, simply because we had so many tomatoes and green beans. I didn’t use the […] . . .


By this point in the summer, getting my family to eat anything with zucchini in it is very, very difficult. There isn’t any wailing or gnashing of teeth, but it gets pretty close. So really, I didn’t have much hope that this dish would be well received, it just seemed like an easy way to […] . . .


I wouldn’t exactly say it’s autumn where we live, but the apples are falling off the trees and so I felt like apple cake was in order. We have several neighbors with huge, old apple trees and they leave bags of apples on our front steps. The kiddos squeal with delight whenever they find a […] . . .


I have a little gardening secret to share. This spring, I resurrected an ancient tradition that I’ve often read about, often pondered, and often wanted to try. For a long time I have heard that the Native Americans would bury a fish underneath their crops to feed the plant. The fish decays and provides lots […] . . .


In my years of cooking and baking I’ve done some impressive things. But for all of my culinary prowess and experience, there is one skill I simply cannot do. I cannot wrap food. This ineptness of mine transcends regional cuisine. Whether it’s burritos, or crepes, sushi, or (case in point) cabbage rolls, I have a […] . . .


Living in a land-locked state, we don’t get the freshest fish. But we do have excellent peaches, and they happen to be for sale on the roadside this time of year. We have a generous peach tree in our backyard, but it seems that our peaches always come later than the market peaches. Sitting around […] . . .


I have a husband who goes googly-eyed and weak-kneed for potato salad. So when I found myself with a dozen freshly-laid eggs last week and turned to the “Egg” chapter in The Art of Real Food, I knew this was the recipe I had to make. And he called it one of the best potato […] . . .