My kiddos are really good eaters. I know I’m fortunate. But really, I never expected to get away with this meal. I had two boxes of mac and cheese on stand-by in case of revolt. First, an explanation. I know that liver is really, really good for you (don’t we all?), but I’ve never eaten […] . . .


I really struggle in the winter to come up with something fresh to serve as a salad. Those tasty baby greens get kind of pricey in January, and I can only serve so much spinach salad. This cucumber salad was something new and tasty for our dinner table, and we all loved it. I used […] . . .


It seems like every culture has their own special dishes that they eat on New Year’s Day to ensure a prosperous year. I grew up in the south, and there we eat a dish called hoppin’ john, with collard greens, and of course, cornbread. This whole wheat version isn’t the authentic southern variety, with lots […] . . .


I made this dish twice in the same week–yup, it was that good. I made it once for dinner for the family. But I was so disappointed that there weren’t any leftovers that I made it again the next day so I could eat it throughout the week. I love the flexibility of this dish. […] . . .


(photo credit) After moving to Texas we have sort of fallen in love with the local Tex-Mex cuisine, including corn tortillas. I have been serving these up quite frequently and they have been a huge hit. They have also been a nice addition to a variety of meals, especially since up until now I haven’t […] . . .


I know I’ve sampled a lot of casseroles from More with Less. Can you bear just one more? Then I’ll do my best to move on to another chapter. This one was a big hit with the family, and I really wished I could have eaten it, too. I thought the idea of using hard-boiled […] . . .


Friends, the days are getting dark early, and by the time we sit down to dinner the sun has set and the light has gone. What does this mean to you? It means that until the light starts returning (or until a fancy flash shows up in my mailbox), you’ll have to endure lackluster food […] . . .


Now that Thanksgiving is past, I’m thinking it’s time to dive into some holiday baking. Yes? This one’s great, because it’s low in sugar and doesn’t use white flour. So you can feel okay about letting your kiddos eat it before bedtime. This is another recipe courtesy of my sous chef, the Sweetie Pie, and […] . . .


If the day-before-Thanksgiving in your house looks anything like the day-before-Thanksgiving in our house, you probably haven’t put much thought into what’s for dinner tonight. Probably, you’re thinking you’ll order a pizza, or make a trip to the closest taco cart. May I make a suggestion? The Sweetie Pie and the Sweet Pea made this […] . . .


This soup, like most of the recipes I’ve tried from More with Less, did not blow me away with its unexpectedly, fabulous taste. Nor did it intrigue me with its revolutionary process. But it was economical, and it got dinner on the table on time, and everyone ate it without too much complaint. Friends, in […] . . .