These days creating meals for my family is kind of like solving a puzzle. We have food intolerances – wheat, dairy, fruit, and sugars. We have a budget we need to adhere to. We have a growing family and three children – 7, 5, and 2 – who often eat as much as I do. […] . . .


Has the price of just about everything been slowly creeping up in your area too? Chief amongst the expensive groceries is meat – whether it’s local and grass-fed or not – meat is expensive. And I think it’s about to get worse. With the drought that hit the U.S. this summer grain prices are going […] . . .


This is one of the recipes I tried from our tour through More with Less. Somehow I never got around to sharing it with you. I dearly love a good fruit crisp and so I was sure to make it allergen free when I made it, so that I could eat it, too. Fruit crisps […] . . .


Yesterday I noticed the first of my snowdrops poking through the leaf mulch. And then I saw a robin hopping around searching for some nesting material. It can only mean one thing. Spring is nearer than today’s snowfall would have me believe. Change is in the air, and in the kitchen. I spent some time […] . . .


Way back when we first started our More with Less cookbook tour, a reader recommended I try this recipe. It’s been marked in my cookbook for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to making it. I finally did and am so pleased with it. I think the thing I like most about it is […] . . .


Last summer, during our cookbook tour of Nourishing Traditions, I made this recipe which was divine. This dish made me think of the country-cousin to that recipe–a little less refined, less fussy, and more humble. Still, it was delicious. It wasn’t divine, but it was delicious. And it was easy. I made very few changes […] . . .


Because of all my diet restrictions, breakfast is the one meal that our family simply can’t eat together. For this reason (and because he’s just an all-around great guy) breakfast here is the domain of my Sweetie Pie husband. During the week, he makes oatmeal. But on Saturday morning he cooks up something special (which […] . . .


One of the first dinners I ever made for the Sweetie Pie, before we were even married, was a vegetarian lasagna. It was stuffed with zucchini and spinach and lots and lots of cheese. I no longer get to partake in the gluten-y, cheese-y yummy-ness (thanks, chronic illness!), but the rest of my family still […] . . .


I really thought this dish would be a big winner with the hungry masses at the dinner table. They like every ingredient in it–green beans? Check. Hard-boiled eggs? Double check. Pickles? Check. So I was really surprised when we had to bribe them with dessert to finish their veggies. The Sweetie Pie enjoyed his serving, […] . . .


This dish was a tasty little surprise. I didn’t expect much from a dish of baked lentils, but this recipe actually packs a ton of flavor into those little legumes. I had a friend over while I was making dinner and she commented that she never learned to like lentils. “They taste like…….” “Dirt?” I […] . . .