I’m sure this is old hat for vegetarians, but since we’ve cut back on our meat consumption over the past few years I’ve had to get creative. I try to include some protein at every meal and, more often than not it’s meat, eggs, or beans. Which means that we actually eat beans almost every […] . . .


Nearly two years ago I wrote about dealing with scratch cooking burnout. Even us die hard real foodies get a case of burnout every now and then and, judging from the comments, there are quite a few of us dealing with it. Besides the fact that I cook 98% of our meals at home, I […] . . .


So far we have discussed breakfast, lunch, and snacks. When I discussed our lunch routine, I hinted at making extras deliberately. That’s because I often turn those extras into our next meal. These leftovers are not ones that could go into the refrigerator for a few days from now, but rather ones that go into […] . . .


Up until recently lunch was a simple affair with not much thought necessary. In college it was mostly sandwiches or canned soup – a last minute ordeal. Then it was leftovers for me and my husband or toddler for a few years, which really just meant making a normal recipe for 4 and refrigerating what […] . . .


It’s been seven years since I said I do to my husband and the role as family cook. Just over a year later we added our first son to the mix and the chairs around the table have multiplied to five ever since. I cook for my family for a lot of reasons, the two […] . . .


I stand behind real food not only because it is the best nourishment for our families, but also for the knowledge that it is grown as food ought to be. But I’m also well aware that from-scratch cooking takes time. Throw a few food sensitivities, a budget, and some very hungry little ones in the mix […] . . .


I remember the summer before we moved off-grid. I was in the throes of morning sickness with our baby girl and we were trying to prepare for off-grid life as much as we could while we still had the conveniences of on-grid living. We washed laundry by hand, we put tape over light switches to […] . . .


Disclaimer: We’re just showing you what is working (or not) for us. We are not homesteading experts. Kitchens aside, I believe water is a top priority for a homestead. If you, like me, have lived in a place of abundant water, shallow wells, and easily accessible streams and rivers then it is hard to imagine […] . . .


Images of beautiful and functional rustic kitchens, fresh baked breads being taken from a woodstove, bushels of potatoes stored away in the root cellar, and family meals eaten around a large farm table were all on my mind when I pondered our move off-grid and how that would change my time in the kitchen. We’ve […] . . .


Now that it’s officially summer, I am thankful that our weekly schedules have slowed down a bit. We have almost no sporting events, committee meetings, school functions, etc., etc. It’s a wonderful change of pace and one that I look forward to every year. One of the reasons I always look forward to our slower […] . . .