There are a lot of takes on what exactly the pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t even hazard a guess, except to say it was all local, traditional food. Not to make light of this treacherous period of time in which many lost large numbers of their families to travel and disease, but […] . . .


About eight years ago we began to look into eating organic foods. I was, up until that point, a bargain shopper, stocking our freezer with $.69/lb chicken and filling our fruit bowl with whatever was cheapest. Once we began to learn more about our industrialized food system, we started taking a look at what we […] . . .


This, our third spring in Texas, has been the loveliest by far. The weather has been cooler and we have had substantial rain right when our spring garden needs it most. The gardens look the best they ever have, and it’s all very exciting. It’s heating up now, but we’re still eating a few peas, […] . . .


So far we have discussed breakfast, lunch, and snacks. When I discussed our lunch routine, I hinted at making extras deliberately. That’s because I often turn those extras into our next meal. These leftovers are not ones that could go into the refrigerator for a few days from now, but rather ones that go into […] . . .


Up until recently lunch was a simple affair with not much thought necessary. In college it was mostly sandwiches or canned soup – a last minute ordeal. Then it was leftovers for me and my husband or toddler for a few years, which really just meant making a normal recipe for 4 and refrigerating what […] . . .


Feeding a growing family can be as complicated or as simple as you allow it to be. I am grateful to have a husband who is definitely on board with keeping meals simple, especially since it allows me to do other things on our homestead. But there have been, and probably will be again, times […] . . .


If there is one thing I’ve learned about eating well it is that we need some enzymes. Well, that and good bacteria, but definitely enzymes. I always thought that by eating raw fruits and vegetables I was eating the most enzyme-rich foods possible. They are certainly more enzyme-rich than say anything you could get at […] . . .


Lettuce can start to be in short supply during the heat of the summer. We’re already to that point, except for the places that we have sown lettuce to be shaded. Between tomato plants, under melon vines, or even under a homemade shade set up made of cedar branches; lettuce can be a part of […] . . .


This time of year, in our part of the country, CSAs are starting up. CSA is shorthand for Community Supported Agriculture. Folks agree to buy produce, fruit, etc., from a local farmer at a set price. Often the food is delivered once a week for a set number of weeks. If there is bounty of, […] . . .


I’m not here to tell anyone they have to avoid GMOs. But judging by the outpouring of action against all things GMO recently, many of us are waking up to the fact that this experiment with our food is going on and it’s probably not going to end well. If you’re concerned about them, as […] . . .