This is a difficult post for me. Well, easy to write, but difficult to write briefly. Gardening is close to my heart and my hands and my knowledge of the subject has been earned by over a decade of trial and error in my own spot of tilled earth. I have a lot to share. […] . . .


I’m willing to venture a guess that most cultures around the world have some tradition of saying thanks before a meal. Whether it is to a deity or to nature or to a farmer, it seems that we are all united in recognizing that the food on our table did not arrive there by chance, […] . . .


Can I make a nomination for My Favorite Cookbook of 2012? Because Nourishing Meals would totally get my vote. I was so impressed with the first few recipes I made out of my review copy* that I went right out and bought a copy for a friend’s birthday. This is my new go-to book for […] . . .


  Normally on our blog we discuss things related to food and meal planning and such. Today’s review is admittedly not directly related to these usual topics, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Our kids always fall asleep at night while listening to a recorded story. Some of their favorites are the “Little […] . . .


Oh, friends. I am so excited to share with you the newest secret ingredient in my cupboard. It’s delicious, and surprising, and no one at your dinner party will be able to guess what that intriguing flavor hiding in the sauce is. Ready? Here it is: I mentioned last week how I encountered fennel pollen […] . . .


I have a husband who goes googly-eyed and weak-kneed for potato salad. So when I found myself with a dozen freshly-laid eggs last week and turned to the “Egg” chapter in The Art of Real Food, I knew this was the recipe I had to make. And he called it one of the best potato […] . . .


When I started the GAPS Intro Diet way back in April, I already knew about our family’s travel plans at the end of June. And as the date drew nearer, and I began to ask myself “How exactly am I going to take GAPS on the road??” I got more and more panicked. Just thinking […] . . .