The Sweetie Pie and I met in a place not unfamiliar to budding romance. We were students attending a small art college in downtown Savannah, Georgia. But like most people of that age and stage of life, we found our surroundings boring, common, and mundane. “Psh,” we’d scorn. “That mushy stuff’s just for the tourists.” […] . . .


The biggest obstacle for me to instituting a Family Table Night? My desire to create the Perfect Family Table. I confess to being a perfectionist by nature, and I don’t like it when I can’t realize the vision of what I want to accomplish. My ideal family table has fresh, sniffy flowers on the table, […] . . .


Step one to figuring out how to gather my family back to the table: choose an evening. I confess, this almost ended Family Table Night before it ever got started. I thought about it for days (days, people!) before I had a profound revelation. Family Table Night does not have to be on the same […] . . .


It’s not just me, right? I can’t be the only one who finds herself thwarted week after week in her efforts to bring the family together for dinner. It sounds like a straightforward proposition to cook a meal and then have all family members sitting down (at the same time) at the table to eat […] . . .