These days creating meals for my family is kind of like solving a puzzle. We have food intolerances – wheat, dairy, fruit, and sugars. We have a budget we need to adhere to. We have a growing family and three children – 7, 5, and 2 – who often eat as much as I do. […] . . .


Every family has a collective pool of memories; the time that one of the kids’ pants fell down while crossing the street, or the birthday party that got rained out and mama and papa earned serious points by moving the kiddie pool into the dining room. Most of my family’s memories are good and they […] . . .


“Hey, kiddo! How was your day?” “Fine.” I hear that this is how dinnertime conversation goes in many families. Or perhaps your table is like ours and it sounds more like this: “Hey, kiddo! How was…” “Great! So for breakfast, Papa made oatmeal. And then I did my chores. I don’t like emptying the dishwasher. […] . . .


Our family is really pretty good about loving veggies. We all eat salad, some of us complain about the radishes, but they are usually eaten anyway. We eat raw veggies with lunch almost every day, sometimes with hummus or bean dip, sometimes without. Really, we’re pretty good at eating the rainbow. Except in December. And […] . . .


I’m not sentimental, I’m not really into resolutions, and I get grumpy if I stay up late. So it surprises me to find myself looking forward to New Year’s Eve. I enjoy the prospect of a fresh year before me, with all of its joys and messes yet to be lived out. And, along those […] . . .


I have a van-full of cranky kids, and we’re pulling into the driveway at 4:00. My usual strategy on days like today is to pre-prepare dinner, either with a slow cooker or a casserole that can be assembled early and cooked later. At the very least I will have my veggies prepped and a few […] . . .


A slow cooker is a busy mom’s best friend. Not a week goes by that I don’t put it to good use to feed my family. I’m really hard on my slow cookers, and so the one that I received only a few years ago is already on its last computer chip. (I’d be really […] . . .


Our house is pretty snug, and my chronic illness is pretty unpredictable, and my kiddos get pretty cranky if they miss their bedtimes. So it is a rare occasion in our house in which we invite friends and family to our table. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having company or cooking for crowds. Quite […] . . .


I’m willing to venture a guess that most cultures around the world have some tradition of saying thanks before a meal. Whether it is to a deity or to nature or to a farmer, it seems that we are all united in recognizing that the food on our table did not arrive there by chance, […] . . .


Desserts in our house are usually a casual affair. Only about once or twice a month will I actually bake up a “real” dessert. On the other nights, we offer things that aren’t techincally desserts, but that our kiddos define as “treats”. Pomegranates and mandarins are winter favorites. Honey sticks are well-received, as is a […] . . .