Valentine’s Day takes many forms throughout a life. In elementary school it’s hotly anticipated and tons of fun. Then in middle school and high school it becomes tortuous. Once you’ve really found a special someone, it becomes kinda sweet–picnics on the beach, Sunday drives to no where, late-night art films at a trendy cafe. At […] . . .


Having traveled the path marked “Food as Medicine” for several years now, it’s hard to get me excited about a new Paleo cookbook. My bookshelves are maxed out with cookbooks. I don’t have the shelf space to get excited about good Paleo cookbooks. I only get excited about the great ones. And this one is really great.  But […] . . .


Explore traditional recipe favorites and alter these inspiring desserts, pastries, and breads to replace white sugar and flour with unrefined natural sweeteners and whole-grain flours that are full of nutrition and often more easily digested.


WAIT! Don’t go!  I know you have dozens of other tweets and posts and pins waiting to be looked at, and you glanced at this one and thought “Not vegan. Not a raw foodie. Not interested.”  But you’re so wrong! No matter what your everyday diet looks like, this cookbook is for everyone with a […] . . .


If you’ve been hanging around the Plan to Eat blog for a while, you’ve likely read at least one of my posts on using food to control my chronic illness. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is considered an autoimmune disorder, and over the years I have found a certain amount of relief from my flares […] . . .


I had the radio tuned to NPR one day while I was toodling around town running errands. I caught a portion of an intriguing interview with Eugenia Bone, the author of The Kitchen Ecosystem*. She was talking about “cooking as a continuum, where each meal draws on elements from a previous one, providing the building […] . . .


This week I decided to cook recipes from the Inspiralized Cookbook  with one requirement: “I wouldn’t normally make this…” I wanted to branch out and use ingredients that I had never cooked with or typically shy away from. The ingredients that stand out for me this time are Chayote and Fish Sauce. I made two […] . . .


Confession: I judge books by their covers. Especially cookbooks*. Whenever I’m evaluating a new cookbook, I pull it out of the envelope, read the title, glance at the cover photos, and my mind is already made up. Yes, I like this one. No, I don’t like that one. It’s frighteningly similar (and just as irrational) […] . . .


Like all of you, our weather here in the Rocky Mountains of late has been erratic and unpredictable. On a sunny, record-breakingly warm day in February I received a copy of Tabitha Alterman’s Whole Grain Baking Made Easy in my mailbox*. I hardly glanced at it. There was pre-season gardening to be done and walks with the […] . . .


Imagine you’re walking through the French countryside. The sun is high and your stomach rumbly as you approach a charming cottage à l’heure du déjeuner, and you notice a sweet-faced grand-mère gathering some of the fruits from her garden. She smiles, beckons you inside, and invites you to sit down to a table of delights: crusty sourdough bread, Gruyère coated […] . . .