I’ve long been a fan of Danielle Walker’s recipes, and I grabbed new favorite recipes regularly at her blog. Her food was always delicious and not overly-fussy. My family loved her recipes, and I could count on them to be tested and trustworthy. Plus she had some yummy photography. So when she announced that she’d […] . . .


With a four-star review at Food.com, over 190 of Plan to Eat users have added this recipe to their recipe books. At #28 in the Plan to Eat Top 100(ish) recipes is Easy Garlic Chicken. You guys. You had me at “Easy”. . . .


I know you probably didn’t get excited when you read that recipe title. I wasn’t too excited either. In fact, when I saw it on the list of most-imported recipes to Plan to Eat (near the top of the list, even! Number 13!) I frowned and thought, “Really?” But there it was, and I needed […] . . .


This is one of the recipes I tried from our tour through More with Less. Somehow I never got around to sharing it with you. I dearly love a good fruit crisp and so I was sure to make it allergen free when I made it, so that I could eat it, too. Fruit crisps […] . . .


Remember that sauce we made last week? You know, the one that I insisted we start with as we cook through Fix, Freeze, Feast? Well, here’s where you get to be glad that you have all those bags of red sauce in the freezer. My family (and the family we shared with) were delighted with […] . . .


When I first made this, I wasn’t expecting to share it with all of you. It just looked like an easy, weeknight dinner that we could all eat together. I didn’t even photograph it, like I do most dishes that I’m hopeful of sharing. I only happened to snap a photo as I was putting […] . . .


Okay, I know this may not be the most exciting recipe I could have chosen to kick off our new cookbook tour. But this is an essential recipe–a building block, if you will–for several other recipes in the book. I found this out by getting partway through a different recipe that called for this sauce, […] . . .


My Sweetie Pie husband has this thing for Chinese sweet and sour dishes. He always gets excited when he orders them, and then is always disappointed when his plate arrives, glowing with sauce a shade of red not found in nature. So I had my eye out for a homemade, “natural” sweet and sour equivalent. […] . . .


When the Sweetie Pie and I were newlyweds, we would get a craving for curry. We’d head to the closest Indian restaurant, get our curry fix, and then head back home where we’d eat Pasta-Roni for the next three weeks. At that time, all curry seemed the same. Sometimes we’d get curry with peas and […] . . .


Last summer, during our cookbook tour of Nourishing Traditions, I made this recipe which was divine. This dish made me think of the country-cousin to that recipe–a little less refined, less fussy, and more humble. Still, it was delicious. It wasn’t divine, but it was delicious. And it was easy. I made very few changes […] . . .