I was craving chocolate pudding last week and since we were out of milk, I used coconut milk, which turned out to be a brilliant substitution.  It’s usually something I crave and indulge in when pregnant, but I didn’t have the excuse this time:)  I need a good non-pregnancy excuse for eating indulgent treats- any […] . . .


This dish was tasty, and it was super-easy to prepare. That makes it a real winner in my book. Everyone in the family enjoyed it, but the Bean, who adores meat, was especially thrilled. The leftovers provided allergen-friendly meals for me the rest of the week. I made just a few adaptations to the recipe, […] . . .


This is one of the recipes I tried from our tour through More with Less. Somehow I never got around to sharing it with you. I dearly love a good fruit crisp and so I was sure to make it allergen free when I made it, so that I could eat it, too. Fruit crisps […] . . .


Remember that sauce we made last week? You know, the one that I insisted we start with as we cook through Fix, Freeze, Feast? Well, here’s where you get to be glad that you have all those bags of red sauce in the freezer. My family (and the family we shared with) were delighted with […] . . .


When I first made this, I wasn’t expecting to share it with all of you. It just looked like an easy, weeknight dinner that we could all eat together. I didn’t even photograph it, like I do most dishes that I’m hopeful of sharing. I only happened to snap a photo as I was putting […] . . .


Spring is in the air and I’m in the mood for light, refreshing snacks.  This raw, mock salmon pate appetizer is one of my go-to party snacks.  It’s a snap to whip up and people love it.  I don’t really think it tastes all that much like salmon, that would be weird…  But it does […] . . .


Okay, I know this may not be the most exciting recipe I could have chosen to kick off our new cookbook tour. But this is an essential recipe–a building block, if you will–for several other recipes in the book. I found this out by getting partway through a different recipe that called for this sauce, […] . . .


My Sweetie Pie husband has this thing for Chinese sweet and sour dishes. He always gets excited when he orders them, and then is always disappointed when his plate arrives, glowing with sauce a shade of red not found in nature. So I had my eye out for a homemade, “natural” sweet and sour equivalent. […] . . .


When the Sweetie Pie and I were newlyweds, we would get a craving for curry. We’d head to the closest Indian restaurant, get our curry fix, and then head back home where we’d eat Pasta-Roni for the next three weeks. At that time, all curry seemed the same. Sometimes we’d get curry with peas and […] . . .


I can’t figure out to get an accent over the “e” in the title. This is not “Chicken Mohl”. This is “Chicken Mohlay”. And it is worthy of your attention. I have an old mole recipe that I made before babies. It’s quite complicated and involves roasting chiles and melting chocolate in a double boiler. […] . . .