I’ve long been a fan of Danielle Walker’s recipes, and I grabbed new favorite recipes regularly at her blog. Her food was always delicious and not overly-fussy. My family loved her recipes, and I could count on them to be tested and trustworthy. Plus she had some yummy photography. So when she announced that she’d […] . . .


With a four-star review at Food.com, over 190 of Plan to Eat users have added this recipe to their recipe books. At #28 in the Plan to Eat Top 100(ish) recipes is Easy Garlic Chicken. You guys. You had me at “Easy”. . . .


I know you probably didn’t get excited when you read that recipe title. I wasn’t too excited either. In fact, when I saw it on the list of most-imported recipes to Plan to Eat (near the top of the list, even! Number 13!) I frowned and thought, “Really?” But there it was, and I needed […] . . .


As I was thinking of what to title this post, I wanted something that communicated the versatile nature of this soup. I was thinking about “Mystery Minestrone” but that seemed a little too much like something from the middle school cafeteria. Ick. So I went with “Lazy” instead. Because it kind of is. . . .


I went to a lecture last year by Joann Seal.  Based on a book she’d read, Eat Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo, she created her own combinations of beans and grains suitable for each blood type.   Each combination is a complete protein, and all from plants.  I loved the idea of having something […] . . .


Can I make a nomination for My Favorite Cookbook of 2012? Because Nourishing Meals would totally get my vote. I was so impressed with the first few recipes I made out of my review copy* that I went right out and bought a copy for a friend’s birthday. This is my new go-to book for […] . . .


Today I feel like I need to rant about pie. Please forgive me as I don my apron and wave my wooden spoon around like a radical homemaker. Pie is the best dessert, hands down. You throw together fresh fruit, a whole grain flour, and all of the animal fat you can squeeze between two […] . . .


Again with the breakfast recipes, I know. Like I said before, I have a problem and I can’t help it. This is one of those bowls of hot comfort foods you crave if you’re not eating grains. It’s pumpkin pie in a bowl, but it’s breakfast. It’s also extremely versatile and can easily be made […] . . .


Taco salad is something we eat at least once a week lately. I haven’t been making corn tortillas the last couple of weeks for two reasons – the heat and I’m out of masa – so throwing those taco fillings on top of a bed of lettuce works wonders. The only thing is we’ve got […] . . .


Last week we ran out of spinach for green smoothies and the new stuff in the garden wasn’t quite big enough to harvest.  So I started making a plain fruit smoothie for the kids for breakfast.  However, as I was halfway through blending up all the frozen fruit, I noticed I had made ice cream!  […] . . .