This time of year, I tend to buy as much stone fruit as I can because the season never seems to last as long as I’d like it to! I’m happy eating peaches and nectarines whole, but I also tend to slice lots up for fruit salads and snacks. The classic way to cut up […] . . .


Full of apples, carrots, coconut and raisins, morning glory muffins have been one of our family’s favorite breakfast recipes for years. Just recently, though, I decided to see how I could make this healthy muffin even healthier, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. We replaced white flour with whole wheat, sugar with […] . . .


A couple of weeks ago, I shared our family’s favorite mix-and-match smoothies. My girls had been begging me to freeze some of the leftovers into smoothie pops…except we don’t usually have leftovers. The other day I finally decided to make and freeze a bunch of popsicles since it’s such an easy and healthy summer snack. […] . . .


Photo by DC Central Kitchen The Environmental Working Group has updated their “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists with recommendations on the fruits and veggies that contain the highest and lowest levels of pesticide residue. If you can only afford to buy some things organic, you’ll want to prioritize the items on the Dirty Dozen […] . . .


Have you planned your Father’s Day menu yet? If not, let me help you out: barbecue bacon-wrapped shrimp kebabs grilled veggie kebabs grilled pineapple grilled corn on the cob cheeseburgers Voila! Add your favorite beverages, and you’re ready to roll with this easy & delicious meal! Shopping List 1 lb. bacon 1 lb. fresh or […] . . .


Photo by Simple Bites If you’re like me, and cooking doesn’t come easily, then food blogs are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Step-by-step photos, notes and tips from the recipe developer and comments from readers who’ve tried the recipe all help answer my type-A, give-me-all-the-details questions so that I have more success […] . . .


Because all of my girls have dealt with dairy intolerances when they were infants and toddlers, I’ve never made yogurt/milk smoothies. Instead, I make pure fruit smoothies — usually with whatever fruit combinations I have on hand. Here’s the Ehman Family Guide to Smoothies: 1. Start with a green. Spinach and kale are our favorites, […] . . .


Memorial Day is less than two weeks away! As we approach the start of the grilling season, Shaina from Food for My Family and I have brought together 15 bloggers to share more than 30 recipes to help you plan the perfect get together! Download or print the free ebook here. It should take you […] . . .


      Photo by Lauren Mitchell Going green means different things to different people. To me, it’s the intersection between eco-friendly, frugal and simple living, where there’s less waste and more appreciation for the simple things in life. Some aspects of “going green” can feel complicated and overwhelming, like learning about natural and herbal […] . . .


Although I'm trying, I've never really enjoyed cooking (although I do enjoy baking!), so most of the meals I prepare have as few ingredients as possible without (hopefully) sacrificing taste or nutrition. These easy homemade meatball sliders are one of our newest favorites. They're simple, can be on the table fairly quickly and they taste […] . . .