Meal planning is often associated with healthy changes in life: getting finances under control, losing weight, or eating together as a family more often. At Plan to Eat we’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these life changes, but we also recognize that these are only a portion of what makes a healthy […] . . .


We’re in week #3 of Easy Meals for the New Year, but you can jump into these recipes at any time! We’ve collected, and personally tested, 30 easy-to-prepare recipes from all over the web and made them available to you right in your Plan to Eat account. Here’s how it works: Join us for Easy Meals for the New Year […] . . .


Meal planning is a lot easier when you have great recipes to work with, but finding great recipes can feel daunting. To help you get started, we’ve collected, and personally tested, 30 easy-to-prepare recipes from all over the web and made them available to you right in your Plan to Eat account. Join us for Easy Meals for […] . . .


  January often starts with great intentions that too often fade to forgotten routines by March. The traffic on our server confirms this every year!  Well, not this year! Make 2018 the year that meal planning becomes a part of your weekly routine and see what a difference it can make in your life:  Save time at the grocery store by not […] . . .


Sometimes we hear from customers that even with a tool like Plan to Eat, the process of planning meals and actually getting them on the table can feel daunting. If you are new to meal planning and aren’t sure where to start, this post is for you! Sandy Hall is an Integrative Wellness & Life […] . . .


  We are excited to be partnering with 100 Days of Real Food to bring you September’s Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge — 20 simple and delicious recipes that can be a single night’s dinner, or scaled up to make extras that go into your freezer. Having extras in your freezer can be a lifesaver on the […] . . .


We were forced into meal planning. My family started because my wife was sick with layers of complicated food allergies and we could no longer eat the easy foods that were once available to us. If we didn’t change our lifestyle and our relationship to food, we simply wouldn’t eat. We had to start meal planning to […] . . .


Plan to Eat is completely customizable, which makes it a great tool for anyone on a special diet. Regardless of whether you are into Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, battling food allergies, or able to eat anything (lucky you!!), Plan to Eat is your place to collect and organize recipes that are specific and perfect for you.  It happens that two […] . . .


We’re in week 2 of our Grill It! summer recipe series. These awesome recipes have been compiled from all over the internet and are healthy, easy to cook, and completely delicious. Each recipe includes a suggestion for an optional side, or two optional sides if you are feeling ambitious. Though we are focusing on meals that are […] . . .


Summer is almost here, which means that it is time to start thinking about grilled veggies, meats, fresh veg, and delicious fruits that you can’t get any other time of year. We’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Chef, Sara Haas, to bring you 4 weeks of the best summer recipes from all over the internet. […] . . .