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“This site is awesome! I have had a really hard time with meal planning sites because I like to choose my own meals. (Plan to Eat) seems to be exactly what I am looking for – I can just click recipes and the shopping list is done. I also LOVE that I can find recipes on the internet and just click the "save recipe" button on my tool bar. THANK YOU!”

Kristen Maxwell comment on Facebook

“Thanks again for everything, I've used those other menu plan sites, the ones that give you a menu and grocery list and, while they were helpful, nothing compares to Plan to Eat! I love that I can put in all the recipes that my family already loves, I can plan my menu based on what I already have on hand and I can add recipes SO easily!!”

Sarah Morrison comment on Facebook

“Oh man!! Bless you!!! I am so relieved! After working with Pepperplate for the past month, and finally getting to the point of utter, red hot, pull my hair out frustration today, I found you!! Now, YOU have obviously created a menu plan, because the app shows it! I am currently in the process of moving ALL 165 of my recipes over to your app. (one by one I might add, because PP has no way of exporting recipes!), and after the trial, I will be signing up for LIFE!! LOL! Thank you so much for this incredibly intuitive, logical, complete app! (ps: bother me not that I'm moving from a free app to a paid, well worth it to avoid the frustration and organize my life!! )”

Nicole Gabriel comment on Facebook

“To me, (Plan to Eat) is great for those who enjoy cooking and aren't newbies (unlike many "meal planning" sites!!) but it also works well for anyone who doesn't want someone telling them what to eat each week but still wants a way to have a comprehensive meal planner.”

Lisa comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I've looked at other meal planning sites but most that I've seen have their own recipes and I really like to use my own. I love the fact that your site allows you to add recipes from anywhere and it's so quick and easy! Your site has everything that I could have wanted in a meal planning site. You really have thought of everything.”

Lisa comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“Last year, I tried's Nutrition Planner, and didn't like it since it didn't have easy way to import recipes and that grading system was constantly making me feel incomplete. I'd tried the free version of MacGourmet, looked at and considered Yummy Soup and Shop to Cook, and had been using Sparkpeople, The Daily Plate, and Meals Matter to help me with meal planning. None of those places really "did" it for me... In the end, I became very frustrated with each of those products/programs, and found that they were hindering my time, instead of helping me get more time (which is what meal planning should do: save time and money). I have been using Plan to Eat for almost 30 days now...and I LOVE IT. I can import recipes from my favorite websites with just a few clicks... or if a recipe is on a blog that I like... I can simply use the bulk input to copy and paste. Then, all I have to do is drag and drop the recipes to my planner and my shopping list populates itself with everything I need for those recipes. I notice that if I try to keep my ingredients the same name when entering recipes, they will combine on the shopping list, so I won't have duplicate lines for one item on the shopping list. I also like how the site "remembers" my categories, so I don't have to remember what category each ingredient goes in! And the best part is that everything is customizable! I can add, change or delete categories to my liking. Also, being web-based, I can access from anywhere with internet, which is a super BIG plus.”

bigbadbrandini comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I have done a couple of different meal planning subscription services (the fresh 20 and the daily dinner), but (Plan to Eat) is so much better. I have to do a little more work, but get to customize what we eat and not just follow the recipes given to me (that my family didn't enjoy). So this is perfect. I've already sung your praises on Facebook as well. I also like that everything is available on my phone (and I have a windows phone, so having a mobile site is awesome since this platform is the last to get apps.) Thanks for simplifying meal planning.”

Kracinda Mead comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I've tried it all - pre-planned meal plans that others e-mail me the recipes for and the shopping list. These are great, but I don't always love all of the recipes and sometimes they just don't fit into my preferences (or my family's). I love to peruse online recipes along with the many recipe books and magazines I have (hundreds, people!). But, it just always seemed so much work to compile them and figure out what I needed on my grocery list - let alone having all kinds of books/mags lying around for one week's meals. Plan to Eat answers all of my dilemmas - it keeps track of my recipes, it lets me import them from websites with VERY minimal proofreading or changing. It lets me drag, drop, tag, click, print, filter...well, it lets me do everything I've ever dreamed of!”

syellico comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been looking forever for an app that would combine ingredients for my grocery list. I have tried and paid for countless apps that just list the ingredients individually multiple times according to exactly what the recipe says, which does nothing for me that I couldn't just do with all the recipes in a stack. It certainly appears that you guys get it.”

Laura Enders comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I'm a committed menu planner - have been for about 10 years - and have tried many....from my own spreadsheet, to BigOven, saymmmm, kitchen monki, meailsmatter, paprika, and even a couple of sites that send plans like emeals. Yours is the best, by far, in terms of user interface, ease of use, and feature set.”

Rebecca Michals comment on Facebook

“I just recently found PlantoEat and I have to say... I LOVE IT! I tried BigOven, which seems to be very similar in appearance. When I first looked at it I thought it WAS BigOven, but I could not have been more wrong! Plan to Eat offers an ability to add snacks and unlimited amount of recipes.”

Melanie Jackson comment on Facebook

“Some sites don't let you add your own recipes, others have shopping lists that are seriously lacking, and a couple wouldn't let me plan to eat the same meal more than once (who has something different for breakfast every single day??) Plan To Eat is the only site I have found that really has all the features you need for easy meal planning.”

Melanie Jackson comment on Facebook

“FINALLY!! I have been looking and looking for an app or website that will do what you do for the last couple years. There are so many menu planners but this is the FIRST and ONLY one I've found that combines ingredients on your grocery list! It doesn't help me to have a shopping list that is 10 pages long with ingredients listed several times throughout the list because they are used in several recipes. You guys even combine ingredients when different units are used - like 3 cups and 2 slices of apples. Thank you SO SO SO much!”

Laura Enders comment on Facebook

“I've tried every single online recipe holder / menu and PTE is CLEARLY the smartest, most robust and prettiest!”

Mike Lightman comment on Facebook

“After thoroughly organizing and reorganizing and yet again, REorganizing my menu planning theories and procedures what seemed like millions of times, I was fed up and just about to throw the towel in, and start my own research to start producing something like this, some system to actually HELP families instead of frustrate them. Of course, i don't have the time, or patience, or passion (yes, it's totally a passion, but I have about 40 other passions, and menu planning is about #25 in the list). You really have thought of everything in this program! It's more than I was looking for. By far the BEST product for menu-planning I've ever come across. All others fall way way WAY too short to be helpful. You've hit the nail on the head. THANK YOU!!!!”

Annalisa Toole comment on Facebook

“(Plan to Eat) is the best menu planning software available. I... was very skeptical as I have tried other plans before and they just didn't make my life easier. Plan to Eat on the other hand really does make menu planning much easier! It is very intuitive. It is easy to transfer recipes. The way that the shopping list can be changed by dates is truly amazing. I'm able to easily change serving sizes. There is just so much to love! Please keep up the good work!”

tradmomof10 comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I've tried many recipe websites, but this one is definitely the best! I really love how you can see a recipe on a website you run across, and then import in onto here. That is an awesome feature!”

bekaballard comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I just wanted to say thank you for making Plan to Eat so simple. I have tried other recipe planners before and just found them so clunky and time-consuming that it wasn't worth my while. Plan to Eat has taken all of that and turned it on its head.”

Missy Cooke comment on the Plan to Eat support website

“I used to store all my recipes on an app on my phone that synced with my computer, but Plan to Eat is so much easier and has so so many more added bonuses. The grocery list? Amazing. Thanks for creating this great tool!”

Emily comment on the Plan to Eat support website

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