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Automated Shopping List Maker

The Shopping List is where all your hard work pays off as it automatically combines and categorizes ingredients from the recipes that are on your meal plan. And that’s just the beginning...

Shopping Grocery List Maker

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Automatically Organized Shopping Lists

We dynamically create your shopping list based on the recipes on your planner, and similar ingredients are automatically combined to save you time. And the more you use your list, the smarter it will get.

Manage Grocery Categories

Customizable Grocery Categories
Easily rename, delete and reorder your grocery categories to set up your shopping list exactly like the aisles in your favorite grocery store.

Organize Your Lists by Grocery Stores and items remember which store they belong in for future shopping lists.

Add additional items to your list, even if they are not on your meal plan.

Manage Grocery Categories

Easily edit items on your list
You can change the grocery store category, title, quantity or add notes like your preferred brand, possible substitutions, coupon requirements, etc.

Share & Print Your Shopping List
Use the Share List button to bring up a simple text format of your Shopping List that you can copy and paste to send in an email or other document or print your Shopping List using the Print List button. Printed Shopping Lists include a recipe key to help with substitutions at the grocery store.

Your Shopping List is Based on Your Plan

Weekly Meal Planner

You can enable your weekly meal planner at the bottom of your shopping list. Move, duplicate and delete items from your meal plan or change serving sizes, and your shopping list will dynamically update. For additional meal planning features, check out our monthly meal planner.

Mobile Shopping List

Access Your List Anywhere

Just visit in your favorite mobile browser to access your shopping list on the go. Check off items as you shop and easily add last minute items. Items you check off using our mobile site are automatically tagged when they where purchased for easier inventory management.

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