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All your Recipes in One Place

Keep all of your recipes in one place with your Plan to Eat Recipe Book. Access, print and share your recipes from any computer with internet access. Import recipes from over 100 websites and blogs or add your own. Filter the recipes in your collection by ingredients, tags or how often you’ve planned them to simplify the meal planning process.

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Adding Recipes in Seconds

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Easily Search & import recipes from the web
Use our bookmark to easily import recipes from any website (including Plan to Eat). Or search for recipes across more than 100 popular sites using keywords such as recipe names, ingredients, courses, cuisines, etc. or enter the direct URL of a specific recipe. Import them to your Recipe Book with just one click.

Adding your own recipes
Quickly add recipes from your own collection using the bulk input option, which formats each recipe for you.

Track Calories, Nutritional Score & Cost
Include information about the calorie content, nutritional score and cost of recipes to use as a reference when making your meal plan.

Drag & Drop Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

The Weekly Meal Planner sits at the bottom of your recipe book and allows you to quickly drag recipes from your recipe book to your meal plan. For additional meal planning features, be sure to check out the Monthly Meal Planner.

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