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Mobile Site for Easy Access On the Go

Simplify your grocery shopping with the Plan to Eat mobile site. Use it to access your shopping list from your smartphone and check off items as you go. No more pen and paper needed!

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Shopping Lists On the Go

The mobile site provides a phone-ready shopping list that is easy for you to view on your phone as you shop.

Check Off Items As You Go
Tap the checkbox next to each item as you add them to your cart. Once you check them off, they will be grayed out, or use the Hide Checked Items feature to remove them completely from the list.

Add Additional Items
Add additional items to your shopping list from your phone so that you don't have to try to remember them until you get home!

View Purchased Items in Your Pantry Inventory
When you check an item off on your mobile shopping list, it is automatically moved to your Pantry Inventory on the main site. From there, you can see which items you've purchased and when they were purchased.

View Recipes on Your Phone

Access your recipe book and pull up individual recipes right on your phone. Refer to recipes while at the grocery store or even while you're in the kitchen preparing them so that your recipe book is always with you!

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