Recipe Swap Friday–Allergen-Friendly Chocolate Coconut “Fudge”

Welcome again to Recipe Swap Friday! I’m so glad you’ve joined us today. I brought my newest, most favorite, just-sweet-enough treat (and it happens to be gluten- and dairy-free!) First though, I have to apologize. Because Recipe Swap Friday won’t be back next week, or the next week. This is going to be our last recipe [...]

Recipe Swap Friday–Fruit, Nut and Spice Cake

Welcome, friends. So glad you’ve joined us for our Recipe Swap Friday. This week kicks off our Sweet (Enough) Treat Swap. Everyone in our house indulged (perhaps over-indulged??) in sweet treats over the holidays, had an unofficial sugar fast in January just because we were sick of sugar, and are now starting to crave little [...]