Getting Your Kids (and Yourself) to Eat Humble Veggies

Our family is really pretty good about loving veggies. We all eat salad, some of us complain about the radishes, but they are usually eaten anyway. We eat raw veggies with lunch almost every day, sometimes with hummus or bean dip, sometimes without. Really, we’re pretty good at eating the rainbow. Except in December. And [...]

Winter Carrot Salad with Cranberries

It began with a recipe. It usually does. It was a simple recipe with carrots and raisins and a simple citrus vinaigrette. And then I spotted the beets in the fridge, and the apples in the fruit bowl, and–gasp!–those dried cranberries! And I knew I was abandoning the recipe. We eat salad with nearly every [...]

Review Post: Super Healthy Cookies

Since coming off of GAPS, I’ve been toying around with lots of different foods and cooking methods to figure out exactly what foods make me feel the best. Or, rather, what foods make me feel the least worst, since pretty much all food makes me feel bad–it’s just a question of how bad. I landed [...]

Finishing Well (Dealing with Dessert at the Family Table)

Desserts in our house are usually a casual affair. Only about once or twice a month will I actually bake up a “real” dessert. On the other nights, we offer things that aren’t techincally desserts, but that our kiddos define as “treats”. Pomegranates and mandarins are winter favorites. Honey sticks are well-received, as is a [...]