Asparagus (or Pepper) and Potato Frittata

I used to make quiche with real, homemade pie crust quite frequently. And my Sweetie Pie husband loved it. In his mind, the losses associated with a growing family go something like this: 1. weekends spent rock climbing2. quiche with homemade pie crust In the past few years he has become quite a connoisseur of [...]

Spanish Rice

Remember that sauce we made last week? You know, the one that I insisted we start with as we cook through Fix, Freeze, Feast? Well, here’s where you get to be glad that you have all those bags of red sauce in the freezer. My family (and the family we shared with) were delighted with [...]

Basic Red Sauce

Okay, I know this may not be the most exciting recipe I could have chosen to kick off our new cookbook tour. But this is an essential recipe–a building block, if you will–for several other recipes in the book. I found this out by getting partway through a different recipe that called for this sauce, [...]