GAPS Diet–6 Month Update

Friends, it’s hard for me to believe that my six month GAPS experiment has come to an end. Back in April, I began this GAPS Diet with the highest of hopes. There have been successes and failures, and I find myself in the position of having to decide whether or not to go on with [...]

GAPS Diet, 5 Month Update

Even as I typed the title of this post, I had to shake my head. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 5 months. I had expected to be into a “groove” by this time. I had expected to have a rhythm to my cooking. But instead of feeling like I’ve hit my stride, [...]

GAPS Recipe — Chicken and Veg with Dijon-Herb Sauce and a Super Giveaway!

Oh, friends. I am so excited to share with you the newest secret ingredient in my cupboard. It’s delicious, and surprising, and no one at your dinner party will be able to guess what that intriguing flavor hiding in the sauce is. Ready? Here it is: I mentioned last week how I encountered fennel pollen [...]

Fermented Salsa

The GAPS Diet requires me to eat some fermented food with every single meal. Fermented foods supply tons and tons of good, probiotic bacteria and they act as a digestive aid. Fermentation is a process by which the fruits and vegetables are preserved, and many of the vitamins and nutrients become more bio-available and easier [...]

GAPS 4 Month Update

Friends, do you notice anything exciting about my breakfast plate pictured here? Look closely. Why, yes! That is an egg white on my plate! After 4 months eating GAPS Intro, my belly has finally agreed to accept egg whites (one a day) with only the mildest complaints. This is my first real progress on GAPS, [...]

GAPS recipe: Banana “Ice Cream” with Coconut and Cacao (Plus the Giveaway Winner!)

I long for the day when I can eat food that isn’t placed in quotation marks. Who wants “ice cream” when you can have Ice Cream? Or “truffles” instead of Truffles? Hopefully that day will come. But until then, I’m stuck with inventing GAPS-legal counterparts for all of my favorite treats. This week? It was [...]