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Our Business Philosophy

Helping Feed Your Family and Ours

Plan to Eat is a small business — just our family. We decided early on that charging for our service would allow us to grow slow and build a long term, sustainable business. We are not a startup. We are not trying to grow as fast as possible (by making our service free) so we can sell our customer base and move on to the next project. We don't like ads, especially in the context of a web application like Plan to Eat. We have intentionally chosen not to seek investors or borrow money. This gives us the freedom to focus on what is best for our customers and our own family.

We try to be very clear and upfront with the cost of a Plan to Eat Subscription. We do not ask for credit card information before starting a 30 day trial. We do not want to “trick” you into paying us because you forgot to cancel and we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. By default, we do not automatically bill you when your yearly subscription expires. Once your subscription expires we do not remove your account but instead suspend it so you can renew at any point. We do not hold your recipes and information hostage, you can always export all of your recipes, even when your subscription has expired. We believe these ideas are just common sense. They reflect our commitment to treating our customers the way we want to be treated.

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